Spotlight On:  Stephanie

Throughout December we will be spotlighting our  Undique homesteaders and letting them introduce and talk about themselves.  Today it’s Stephanie:

Hi, I’m  Stephanie, and I own my homestead in Texas.

I raise Jumbo quail, chickens, pigs, and fruit and nut trees, and also garden a bit using permaculture techniques.
I started raising quail and pork and chickens as an additional source of homegrown meats to build self-sufficiency, and feed my family and friends locally sourced non-GMO or otherwise modified meat.   Currently,  my quail are all Jumbo Coturnix, and I have started a breeding program to create a silver line, a gunmetal color bird, and of course the wild brown type.

I select breeding stock for size and egg production.   The gunmetal color is my current favorite, but they all are nice birds to keep.
I have only been breeding and hatching birds since earlier this year.  My chickens are production layers that I picked up at my local feed store, I really like the Buff Orpington, and Brahma breeds of chicken, my tiny dinosaurs!

My pigs are bred for marbled meat and size. I have Red wattle, Hampshire, Hereford mixes, and Black Beauty-type pigs.  Hopefully, in the spring you all will see a line of elderberry cuttings for sale on the website. I have really been fortunate to have met Christian and to be able to share my products through Undique! 
I wish you all a “Great Hatch” or “Double yokes”, if you have purchased fresh eggs and hope you enjoy your birds as I have mine!

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