New Products this fall

Fall is a perfect time to hatch out new stock for your current flocks or to start a flock.  Egg production drops in the fall due to shorter daylight hours.  Hatching eggs now will give you a batch of new birds that should begin to lay at around 6 weeks.  This means they will be laying as spring hits us and ready to hit full production with the increase in daylight hours.  Coturnix Quail mature quickly and can be processed for meat at 9 weeks.  So this is the ideal time to take advantage of our discounts on hatching eggs.

We distribute our hatching eggs from Florida, Texas, NY State, Louisiana, and Georgia.  This enables us to send you the freshest eggs in the shortest time possible.  We use 2-day Priority shipping as offered by USPS for 24 or more eggs Monday to Thursday.  If you take this into account when ordering it avoids the eggs sitting around in the Post office over the weekend.

Georgia Giant Quail

We also have a new limited availability product; The Georgia Giant Quail hatching eggs.  This is a mutation of the original Bobwhite with its easily recognizable ‘bob-white’ call.  Larger than the original species, the Georgia Bobwhite is 3 times as big as the Bobwhite, averaging out at between 14-16oz at maturity.  The Georgia Bobwhite is an attractive bird, their plumage a subtle mix of golds, reds, browns, and grays.  Like the Coturnix they are good layers, laying up to 300 eggs a year.  A prey species, the Georgia Bobwhite is a hardy bird and popular for hunting, although it doesn’t do well in harsh or excessive winter conditions.  In the wild a bird does not usually see their second birthday, a captive Bobwhite will live for an average between four to 5 years.

Interested?  Then get in quick to be first in line!

Another new ‘offering’ is our custom built quail cages.  Handmade in Alabama with ½ inch mesh hardware cloth, they are available in single, double or triple tiers.  Each cage measures; 36”wide x 24” deep x x 12” high.  An overall unit is 72” tall and includes washable galvanized poop trays.  Please see pictures for details.

3 Tier custom Build Quail Cage for local pickup in Stapleton, AL

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