From Bouncing Fun to Sustainable Gardens: Repurposing Trampoline Frames for Greenhouses and Chicken Coops

In today’s world, where sustainability and repurposing are gaining momentum, it’s inspiring to witness individuals who think outside the box and find creative solutions to reuse discarded materials. Meet Suzy, a visionary lady who found an innovative way to transform old trampoline frames into functional and eco-friendly structures. In her quest to promote sustainable living and urban farming, Suzy repurposes trampoline frames into greenhouses and chicken coops, offering a new lease of life to these forgotten pieces of metal.

Turning Trash into Treasure: It all started when Suzy found herself facing the dilemma of what to do with her old trampoline, which had long lost its springiness. Determined not to let it go to waste, she came up with the idea of repurposing it into something useful, practical, and environmentally friendly. Thus, the journey of transforming trampoline frames into greenhouses and chicken coops began.

The Creation Process: Suzy’s process of repurposing trampoline frames is both creative and meticulous. After carefully dismantling the trampoline, she salvages the sturdy metal frames, ensuring they are free from rust and damage. She then modifies the frames to fit the desired purpose—a greenhouse or a chicken coop. The circular shape of the trampoline frame lends itself well to both these structures, providing ample space for plants to grow or chickens to roam.


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Transforming into Greenhouses: Suzy’s greenhouses are a testament to her dedication to sustainable living and urban gardening. By repurposing the trampoline frames, she creates an ideal environment for plants to thrive, even in limited space. The curved metal frame serves as the backbone, while transparent polycarbonate sheets replace the jumping mat, allowing sunlight to penetrate and creating a warm and nurturing environment for plants. The result is a charming and efficient greenhouse that blends seamlessly into any backyard or urban setting.

Revamping into Chicken Coops: Not stopping at greenhouses, Suzy recognized the potential to convert trampoline frames into functional chicken coops. With a few adjustments, the circular shape of the trampoline frame provides a spacious and secure space for chickens to roam and peck. By adding wire mesh to the sides and a protective covering on top, the repurposed frame becomes an airy chicken coop that protects the hens while allowing them to experience the joys of free-range living. It’s an excellent example of sustainable farming and self-sufficiency in action.

Benefits of Repurposing Trampoline Frames: Suzy’s initiative goes beyond mere aesthetics or saving money—it highlights the numerous benefits of repurposing trampoline frames for greenhouses and chicken coops:

  1. Eco-friendly: By repurposing old trampoline frames, Suzy reduces waste and landfill contributions, promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.
  2. Cost-effective: Converting trampoline frames into functional structures is an affordable alternative to purchasing new materials. It allows individuals on a tight budget to engage in gardening or raising backyard chickens.
  3. Space-efficient: The circular design of trampoline frames optimizes space utilization, making them perfect for urban gardens or small backyards where space is limited.
  4. Versatility: The repurposed frames can be adapted for different uses, such as greenhouses or chicken coops, showcasing their flexibility and adaptability.

Inspiring Others to Think Creatively: Suzy’s journey of repurposing trampoline frames serves as an inspiration to all those who wish to contribute to a more sustainable and self-sufficient future. Her innovation not only saves resources but also encourages others to look for alternative ways to repurpose items that would otherwise end up in landfills. It reminds us that with a little creativity and ingenuity, we can turn,

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