Fill In The Missing Words

❓ Quail, originally from Japan and kept as ❓s.  They were first ❓ in the 11th ❓. 
They range between the size of a songbird and a crow, with a stout frame and mottled brown, white and gray ❓.
It is a popular species for small farmers and ❓ who are looking to raise quail for meat and eggs.  Varieties of Coturnix quail include British Range, Tuxedo, ❓ White, ❓ Golden, Texas A&M and ❓. The ❓ are generally distinguished by feather color, though some of them do have slight physiological differences. The Pharaoh, for example, is an exceptional ❓, producing about 300 eggs a year. 

Bobwhite Quail

The bobwhite quail, or ❓ bobwhite, is a small ❓-dwelling bird which has a close ❓ to a chicken. It has a plump, round body and a ❓ tail. It is a popular game bird that is mostly found in the eastern regions of ❓. Bobwhites are usually found in habitats that mainly include ❓, pastures, fields, and wood edges.   It can be quite hard to spot a Northern Bobwhite, as the bird’s ❓ dappled ❓ offers excellent camouflage. They forage in groups, ❓ between cover or ❓ into flight if alarmed.  ❓ farming of these birds has become a ❓ business since they are generally ❓ for food and sports. The male bobwhite quail makes a distinct “bob-white” call to attract a ❓ for mating; hence the name.   About 1.7 million people in the ❓ hunt the bobwhite quail.


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